Match Report
St John the Baptist School Girls- KS3 vs  KS3 Girls District Badminton
On: Tuesday, 17 Jan 2023
Venue: Away

The badminton tournament overall was great and so much fun for our first experience! We got to play against different schools such as Woking High and Winston Churchill from our district. We unfortunately lost our matches, but credit to all the teams that played as they were all amazing and have obviously played more frequently compared to us.

However, it gave us an amazing badminton learning experience and we will now take what we have learnt and practice at extra-curricular club. The tournament format meant that we all played doubles matches with a few select single matches as well. We did manage to win a couple of games and also gain a few new friends on the way. Hopefully with some more hard work at club using what we learnt then next time SJB will become the champions!
Written by Antonia Berry and Serena Blanco Montes (Year 9)